Barbara Peyer
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Born 1966 in Bern, Switzerland, 1986-1991 Academy of Fine Arts, Bern, Switzerland.

Travels and studies in Russia, Georgia, Turkey and Africa.
Since 1992 own studio in Basel, Switzerland

1992+93 Kunsthalle Bern, year-show of the Bernese artists
1995 Gallery Orienti, Tbilissi, Georgia 1998 group exhibition
1998 Ausstellungsraum Hotel, Zürich, Switzerland
1999 Kunstforum Blickachse, Worms, Germany
2002 Galerie Transart, Boncourt, Switzerland )
2002 Kunstforum Blickachse, Worms, Germany
2003 portfolio for the Southern Graphics Council, Boston, USA
2003 Galerie Heubar, Basel, Switzerland
2003 Kunstverein Bad Dürkheim, Germany
2003 Galerie 55, Freienstein, Zürich, Switzerland
2004 Galerie CultiG7, Mannheim, Germany
2005 Galerie frontstore, Basel, Switzerland
2005 group-show at Kulturraum Rosenhof, Schwand, Germany
2006 KulturNetz Mannheim Rhein-Neckar, Germany: installation with 500 mirrors in
the watertower of Mannheim during the Night of the Museums
2006 Kunstforum Blickachse, D-Worms: Installation mit transparenten Netzen in Zusammenarbeit mit der Kanadischen Künstlerin Marie-Josée Laframboise
2006 Kunstforum Blickachse, Worms, Germany: installation in co-operation with the Canadian artist Marie-Josée Laframboise
2006 Claudia Chapline Gallery, Stinson Beach, California, USA
2006 Raum 33, Basel
2006 The gallery at Susie Langenkamp's, Charlottesville, USA-Virginia
2006 The bluedoor Gallery, Calitzdorp, South Africa
2007 Galerie Heubar, Basel
2007 The Gallery Space at Susie Langenkamps, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
2007 invited to the SaNsA international artist workshop and exhibition, Accra, Ghana
2008 studio exhibition: „the blue breath of the leopard“
2008 Regionale9, Kulturhaus Palazzo, Liestal, Switzerland
2009 Galerie anixis, Baden, Switzerland
2011 visarte Basel, entrée des artistes, Projektraum M54
2012 The Brick Lane Gallery, GB-London
Art in Mind (group show)
2013 studio exhibition Basel: "Hinter den Wirren des Dickichts die Stille des Wassers"
2014 exhibition in the Caffè Kultur Bar "Zum Kuss", Basel
2014 plot's art, D-Grenzach, exhibition with short film about the artist
2015 "Poesie und Sinnlichkeit"
Barbara Peyer and Gido Wiederkehr
exhibition at Psychiatrie Baselland, Liestal, Switzerland
2015 "dicht und licht"
Galerie Neva, Aarau, Switzerland
2016 studio exhibition, Basel
2017 Gallery Container, Tbilisi, Georgia
2018 studio exhibition, Basel
2019 Regionale20, Kunsthaus Palazzo, Liestal, Switzerland
Since 1996 annual shows in her studio in Basel
Grants and Prizes:
1994 grant of the Christoph Merian fondation, Basel, cultural exchange program: six month stay in Moscow, Russia
2002 Artprize of Kunstforum Blickachse, Worms, Germany


After many years of abstract work, Barbara Peyer changed her interest to figurative paintings. In this new work she takes special care in the use of colors. She paints in a nearly medieval technique with self-made ground chalk, egg tempera and thin layers of oil color, most of them also self-made, to bring more brilliance to the colors. Barbara Peyer likes to tell stories. Stories coming from her travel experiences, of human situations in common. She paints persons, animals and things in a dream-like atmosphere. The stories are ambiguous and give to the spectator the freedom of his own interpretation.


The thing about Barbara Peyer's work is that it satisfies my longing for magic and also for the real and solid parts of life. She manages to do this with her good, stout people who often stand very quietly but all the while there is something dreamlike going on in the corner or up in the sky. Why is that woman floating? Do pigs really graze among flowers? And why is that bird there while no one seems to notice? And also, how can these people be so serious, they, who wear fantastically colorful clothes? I could dream one of Barbara Peyer's paintings, and I would wake up in the morning feeling quite wonderful.

Susie Langenkamp
Charlottesville, Virginia